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The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.

Help us heal the world through art. We are working hard to uplift thousands of underprivileged students through creativity. But we can't do this without your help.

Volunteer with Udaan: Ek Meetha Sapna as:

We at Udaan want to grow and strengthen our roots deep-seated in the society we live in. After all, it is us people who have to join hands and pull up everyone to be at par. We consider ourselves as mere facilitators and seek contributions from people from different walks of life who could come forward and help us help build a colourful world.

Here’s how you could be part of our journey!

Artist or Art Lover

We are all about art!! We are on a constant mission to change lives by engaging children and grown-ups alike, in various activities involving art.

So you could join us as an artist volunteer to work with us in special projects/conducting workshops/teaching art to under-privileged children and such. Your contribution would add value to our on-going endeavour.

Art Therapist

We at Udaan, work with physically challenged as well as special children. These children need all our love, care and special attention. Art alone has helped improve their gross motor skills, recognition of colours/objects as well as social skills to mention a few. In your capacity as an art therapist, you could join hands with us in working with these children regularly, thereby ensuring a positive graph for these kids at all times. 


Photography is an important medium that would help us showcase our work and create more awareness in favour of the cause. Collaborating with us would help you put in your work for a good cause. Be an amateur or professional; please come forward to help spread the word about our work amongst your clients and photographer community. Help us document our workshops, projects and classes. We would love to seek your help at our exhibitions and community events we organise. You could also use our work and explore it as a case study/create a documentary that would benefit both you and us alike.

Content Writer

Writers spin magic with their words. Our work requires such magicians who could place it on a platform to bring forth the goodness and effectiveness of what we do. Blogs, forums, communities on social media could all be targeted with your contribution.

Motivational Speaker

Kids who hail from humble backgrounds, need that someone to tell them that they have the right to dream and work towards making their dreams/passion come true. Thus, an inspirational talk would help our kids keep their dreams and hopes alive.

Study Tour

Nature lovers, social workers and artists could work hand in glove to achieve and bring about positive changes in society. If you are one, we would like to welcome you to take our kids for a nature walk / study tour, whereby they could derive various perspectives and showcase them through their artwork. They could learn about various prevalent social issues and implement pieces of art to create awareness as well as case studies/solutions. This is what we want them to be; social thinkers who could sow seeds of change and make the world around them a better place to live, breathe and grow in.

Art Curator/Exhibition Coordinator

Exhibitions help us bring to the fore, the excellent work our kids create. You could help us include these mini masterpieces at various exhibitions. This would provide them that much needed platform where art lovers from all over would view their work. This exposure would help the kids gain confidence; and we at Udaan feel the pulse of how our work is being taken by one and all.

Music School and Performances

We are open to doing shows with other forms of art like music and performance art. Write to us, and we shall together work out some magic! Music and art help kids with their all-round growth and personality development. We would love to collaborate with schools of music in and around Gurgaon for combined live shows with our children and faculty. You could help us approach music school facilitators and heads who could include our kids for such shows and performances.

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Join our Ambassador Programme  

When you contribute your time, efforts and good wishes for our cause, we too wish to ensure not to let it go in vain. We wish to let people know through various platforms.

  • Presence on social media - Udaan has its own Facebook page. We create regular posts of all the activities we partake in collaboration with our sponsors. You would have your name and pictures on our page for all the help and support you extend to us.​

  • Presence on website - You would feature on our website as being one of our major partners.

  • Certificate of work experience - In case you volunteer to work with us, we would be presenting you with an Experience Certificate.

  • Attend our teacher training workshops - We regularly invite our contributors/partners to attend our teachers’ training workshops to understand our work better.

Please write us at to introduce yourself. Let us know who you are, where you are, and how you would like to contribute. Please attach or include links to any information that will help us get to know you better (blog, writing samples, photography portfolio, etc). We would love to hear from you and work together!

Meet new people at work and connect with your tribe

Become a part of our sunshine team with Udaan

Develop new skills while you are here with us 

Help a cause that lights you up 

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