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UDAAN: EK MEETHA SAPNA works together with artists and communities to spread happiness and increase the outreach of the arts. Udaan EMS does this by participating in various events happening in the city and outside, hosting art shows with an impact, live art exhibitions and showcasing children's work across various platforms.


Beautification of Damdama Village

We proudly announce our next big dream that is in fact still being moulded and gradually taking shape - Damdama Art Village.

Our New Year at #UdaanEkMeethaSapna has ushered new hopes, loftier dreams and of course instilled renewed vigour and strength within us; thanks to all your support and good wishes!!

We proudly announce our next big dream that is in fact still being moulded and gradually taking shape - Damdama Art Village.

We took our 1st baby step in materialising this dream; a cloud of colours descended over this friendly village last morning, and the whole place was abuzz with villagers eager to help, children excited to see colours, the elderly men huddling up and watching us paint their village, the elderly women blessing us for doing good work. It all seemed like a distant dream to us, until yesterday. With support from so many of our friends and encouragement from the villagers themselves; we are now a stronger team with the grit and resolve to make it happen!

Damdama, you won’t be the same anymore; get ready to change your lives for the better!

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'Expressions' at Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon

Art Exhibition


Udaan organised an art show 'Expressions' to showcase the paintings of talented children. These children were trained in various art forms for 6 months and in the process they cleared the first level of their education. As a proof-of-concept, their work is being showcased through this exhibition. The paintings, scarves and bags are all made by the children. 

Pedestrians and Cyclists First

Craft Event


Udaan organised a craft event at 'Pedestrians and Cyclists First', hosted by Nagarro at our 'Seeds of change' sculpture located in sector 29 parking lot opposite the Lemon Tree Premier hotel. Our children, Ashish and Kishan lead the workshop under the guidance of Ritu ma'am and Bindu ma'am. It was loved by people of all ages and children made some amazing works! 
A fun sunday morning to run, ride or just hang out and help raise awareness to request for a safe infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.

Walk For Fun

Art & Craft Event

Children from Udaan participated in a 'Walk for Fun', organised by Mount Olympus School on 19th February from 6 am to 10 am. Guests of honour were Mr Akhil Kumar (DSP Haryana Police) and Ms Mamta Kharab (ACP, Traffic Gurgaon). Activities by Udaan included:
1. Blow Art 2. Tattoo Art 3. Live Art 4. Paper Fish  
5. Potters Clay Art without Wheel
The school really appreciated the efforts of our super talented budding artists!

Art Gallery at Saksham School

Display of Artwork

We are so happy to share that our first art gallery has set up at "Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha" with children's art work made under the guidance of Udaan's art educators. We invite all our friends, art lovers and well wishers to visit this new series of "Madhubani art" which will keep rotating with different forms and styles of art and much more.
All paintings are available for sale at a very nominal cost. Spread some more smiles and choose children's art work as a gift option!

Live Art at Gold Souk, Gurgaon

Live Art Competition

Proud budding artist of Gurgaon!

Children participated in a live painting competition at Gold Souk, Gurgaon, with around 60 senior and budding artist of Gurgaon on "Beti bachao" theme and did a superb job.
Its such a satisfying feeling to see them grown into artists. Live art shows gives them a platform to interact with the audiences about their art style, aspirations and perspective on life. 


Art Competition by Thales Organisation

Live Art Competition


What a big exposure for children from Govt. School Sector-14, Gurgaon. Children in association with Udaan EMS participated in an Art Competition. They made us super proud by winning bright shiny cycles. A big thank you to "Thales organisation" who gifted these beautiful cycles to our dear children.

Art Exhibition at Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha

Display of Artwork

We are happy to announce that we are finally ready for our second art exhibition and would be doing it at the premises of one of our NGO, saksham bal vikas sanstha with the support of Nulife foundation, Maharishi dayanand school, guru nanak sewa samiti, friends and volunteers.
Looking forward for all of to make it a success n to encourage our budding artists.


Udaan EMS Stall at Blind School, New Delhi

Display of Artwork

Udaan ek meetha sapna displayed the paintings and craft material made by the children at the prestigious Blind relief school, Delhi with the help of Ritu, Priyanka and children of Udaan.

The response was fantastic and everyone loved the creations. The detail, intricacy and love with which each product was made was really appreciated. Products varied from Paintings, printed scarves, cushions and much more.


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