Udaan EMS is a registered society under Haryana Govt since 2012 having registration number HR018201200068 and is approved for tax exemptions u/s 12A & 80G of Income Tax Act. It is aimed at imparting knowledge about art and promoting art as a valid and viable vocation, to all those children who have the talent but do not have the resources. This society was founded by Shikha Gupta, who believes that every child deserve opportunities irrespective of their background. Her central idea is to give these children an opportunity to showcase their talent and keep them motivated towards their larger goal of making their lives better through art.

Udaan is a group of like-minded Art teachers, Leaders and Managers who:

  • Share a passion for creativity and promote artistic innovation.

  • Wish to share this knowledge with all those who deserve to learn but cannot afford to do so.


Udaan EMS adopts a school, typically run by an NGO or a social group. An art teacher from Udaan EMS is assigned and our syllabus is taught in the school. The children are further given various opportunities to venture into our projects involving environmental projects, community events, study tours, art shows and various design thinking projects using art as a solution. In the course of this training, if Udaan EMS spots exceptional talent, the children are encouraged to attend extra classes, summer workshops and provided with fully funded professional courses in art and design.



As the leader in its field, Udaan EMS believes in using art as a catalyst for social change by uplifting the lower strata and communities of need through creativity. Art facilitates a freedom to think about life in ways never thought before. Our programs are designed to enable children to become professionally independent with artistic and technical skills and to support individuals in the midst of difficult emotional life challenges. Art gives the soul's feelings voice and form. It is our mission to forge that spectacular and creative future.


Udaan EMS is a non-profit organization that relies on contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support the development and presentation of our temporary exhibitions and outreach programs.




In all these years of operations we have impacted many children.

  • Imparted art education across 5 NGO schools, 2 government schools and an orphanage.

    • Saksham Bal Vikas Sanstha, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon – 250 children

    • Maharshi Dayanand Edu Society, South City 1, Gurgaon– 305 children

    • Gurunank Seva Samiti, Ardee City, Gurgaon – 300 children

    • Agrasar, Sikandarpur slum- 60 children

    • Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Sector-14, Govt. school, Gurgaon – 600 children

    • Disha School, Tikri Village, Sohna Road, Gurgaon – 200 children

    • Tiki Government School, Gurgaon-150 children

    • Udaan is association with Shikshanjali is working with the following schools:

    • Islampur School, Gurgaon- 150 children

    • Rosewood Government school, Sohna Road, Gurgaon– 150 children​

  • 65 children are enrolled as our high potential children from various schools, out of which 44 children have appeared for Prayag Kala Parishad, open university for fine arts. As of 2017, 13 children have done their 1st year of certificate programme, 28 children have completed their 2nd and 3rd year certificates and diploma and 11 children have completed 4th year of the course.

  • 4 children have been enrolled for a fully funded course in Graphic Design at Arena multimedia in 2017

Children with their Prayag Kala Parishad certificates 




We help the children find these hidden jewels within each one of them. We are proud to share some glimpse of our syllabus, as this is one of the strongest part of Udaan EMS.

  • We encourage children to be original and plan activities so that with same instruction every child can produce a unique work which can help them to discover their own voice and style.

  • We combine art curriculum with art appreciation, techniques of international and national artist their styles and there after children create their own art work inspired by them.

  • We give them the freedom to express their dreams and desires in form of artwork, this way of activities widens their perspective and they experience and explore that what future holds in store for them.

  • We give them opportunity through our planned guided excursions and study tours which provides them with a window into the creative world and enriches their thoughts.

  • We incorporate concepts of design-thinking and try to teach art as a solution to make an impact on their lives as well as their community.

  • Children also have the experience of real life successful professionals from creative fields through our 'I inspire' project where we invite fashion designers, creative directors of advertising companies, museum and galleries, curators and artists etc. for motivational talks.

Expressing anger through 

their artwork

Expressing spirituality through 

their artwork

Children's artwork inspired by 

Artist- Keith Haring

Children's artwork inspired by 

Artist- Pablo Picasso

Children's artwork inspired by 

Artist- S.H Raza

She painted her dream of going to a big school. The school didn't want to miss out an emerging artist

and offered her to join their students and continue to dream big!

'Growing Gurgaon' is a testimony to our envisioned projects which are guided by the principles of applying and teaching

art and design thinking which will help make an impact in their local community.


Children of Udaan EMS attending various study tours

We have our art studio at sector 43, Gurgaon. All our advance classes, teacher's workshops, special projects and other creative workshops take place at our studio. Children spread magic with their innocent and beautiful imagination here. We call this place 'Abhaar'.

Expressing their relationship with

music through their artwork

Children attending various workshops

at our art studio 'Abhaar'


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