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Meet the dream team, which is helping change the world

Shikha Agarwal

Founder, President

Shikha founded the non-profit organisation Udaan: Ek Meetha Sapna in 2012 which works towards uplifting children from the lower strata of the society through creativity. After her training from Ecole nationale superieure des Beaux-Arts, France, she worked as an Art Educator for over 4 years teaching the skills of drawing, painting & art history. Shikha is also promoting art as a source of awareness by doing community events, public art and installations.

“I believe in the power of creativity. If you can teach a child to look at their circimstances in a different way, then you can give them the power of imagination and a permanent tool for happiness” says Shikha.

Shradha S Grover


Shradha is a compassionate person with industry experience and passion for working to enable the underprivileged children earn a living out of Art & Craft platform. Her continuous efforts and love for working for the society has helped Udaan- Ek Meetha Sapna achieve many goals and complete important projects successfully.

Shradha Bhatia

Project Manager

Shradha is the project manager at Udaan and soon to pursue her Masters in Arts Management from SDA Bocconi, Milan. She loves to combine her background in business and economics with her experience as an artist which helps her create multiple platforms for artists, with a purpose and passion. 

Swati Janu

 Festival Curator & Participating Artist for 'Growing Gurgaon'


Swati is Creative Director at mHS CITY LAB & co-ordinator of talks on social change called Barsati. Her architectural practice combines community art & engagement with practice based urban research on issues of migration and urban informality. 

Friedrike Thonke

Participating Artist for 'Growing Gurgaon' 

Friederike is an architect & urban planner for GIZ’s Inclusive Cities Partnership Programme. Her approach is to use planning as a life- improving tool and her practice draws from her background in art & youth development to craft participatory processes. 

Manisha Tripathy

Participating Artist for 'Growing Gurgaon'

Manisha has done her bachelor in visual arts from Delhi College of Art. She is currently working as a teacher in Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. She combines elements from graphic design and uses it in her art and teaching to bring out very interesting results. 

Piu Ghosh

Participating Artist

Piu Ghosh is a part of Udaan since the beginning and has played an instrumental role in its development over the years. She is an artist, stimulating young minds towards creative learning. She has years of experience working with children as an art teacher at GD Goenka School. She has done her masters in fine arts from Banaras Hindu University, India. 

Ritu Rathee

Art and Craft Educator

Ritu Rathee is the art and craft educator at Udaan EMS. She is enthusiastic, self-motivated and very well organised. She has changed the way children work with craft and has provided them with skills and techniques which has enabled children to take up projects independently as well. She loves helping children to explore their own creativity through her regular art and craft camps. 

Hima Bindu Mavuri

Art and Craft Educator

Bindu Mavuri is our arts educator with a very strong sense for colour and aesthetics. She encourages creativity and teaches techniques in a variety of mediums. She has the ability to communicate concrete and abstract concepts to students. She hosts various art and craft camps for children to explore themselves and have fun. 

Meena Yadav

Art Educator and Co-ordinator

Meena Yadav is our art educator and has a tremendous impact on the lives of children with her strength and knowledge. Her creative ability is easily extended in her teaching environment. She is also responsible for the overall day-to-day operations and co-ordination amongst children. 

Mahendra Nath Yadav

Wall Artist and Art Educator

Mahendra Nath is an art educator with a great understanding and equation with all his students. His classes have a very vibrant vibe and he is dearly loved for the magic he creates on the walls of various schools and his role in the beautification of our city, Gurgaon. 

Biplab Dutta

Artist and Art Educator

Biplab is an extremely talented and creative art educator who has experience of various art techniques. He is an innovative thinker who can bring in amazing ideas of transforming anything and everything through various art forms.

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