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Rani Tiwari


Rani Tiwari is extremely passionate about the vision of Udaan EMS and firmly believes creative and design thinking have the power to create innovative solutions and make a difference. Rani says 'helping children have their own style and opinion can help them carve out a firm standing for themselves in the future'. 

Reetu Sirohi


Reetu Sirohi has been associated with Udaan EK Meetha Sapna initiative as she believes that the power to change the destiny of the under privileged remains in the hands of people themselves.

Udaan, with its mission and operating methods provides the direction and humble means to those less privileged who want to shape their lives towards a better future. 

Reetu has chosen to manage the accounts for Udaan EMS. 

Reena Singhal

Joint Secretary

Reena is associated with Udaan Ek Meetha Sapna as she liked its dedication of bringing out the talent of underprivileged children and polishing it with professional training.

Reena says 'Society gives us many things. Being related with Udaan EMS gives me a sense of satisfaction of giving back to the society. Always feel proud of being associated with it.'

Puja Sehgal

Joint Secretary

Puja Sehgal, owner of her own set up with Cox and Kings, is very enthusiastic about how to build and successfully run enterprises. With so many years of practical experience, she helps Udaan EMS with the legal and strategy concerns. She is very passionate about the personal and professional growth of children at Udaan EMS and is constantly finding ways to open opportunities for the children.

Sarika Panda Bhatt


Ms. Sarika Panda Bhatt is project manager at WRI India. She has over 13 years of professional experience and leads WRI’s work around creating streets for all. She is a co-founder of the Raahgiri Day and Car Free Day, India’s first car free day initiate which started in Gurgaon, a suburb of Delhi in 2013 and has now grown to over 50 locations in the country. She is an avid cyclist.

Atul Chabra

Executive Member

Atul Chabra, Founder-Director of Enthuse Answers Communications, has had over 15 years of substantive experience in marketing strategy, communications, and brand building. An alumnus of Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad, Atul has helped clients build and redesign their modes of marketing and communication.


Executive Member

Trusted leader offering 20 years of comprehensive experience in adapting product strategy to business vision and mission. Sudhanshu is passionate about bridging engineering efforts with fluctuating market needs and committed to user experience.

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Udaan: Ek Meetha Sapna is led by a diverse team of top executives. Whether developing the strategic plan, providing financial support or advancing Udaan's roadmap ahead, each member of the team is dedicated to helping our members connect and take action to promote art as a valid and viable option for financial sustainability. 

Our leaders at Udaan EMS exemplify all of the qualities that make our members extraordinary: Passion, Integrity, Creativity and a Commitment to service.

Our Leaders


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