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In April 2015, Kushal Chakraborty, founder of Lotus Petal Foundation, approached Shikha to help children of Deepashram. It is an orphanage for the mentally and physically disabled children and art will enable them to find an outlet to express their emotions and aggressions. Shikha went from child to child with her own boundless imagination and was in love working with children at Deepashram.

  • Over the past 3 years, the program initiated by Lotus petal Foundation, has grown to include over 4 hours per week of classes at Deepashram provided by 2 teaching artists and specially trained volunteers as per requirement.

  • The program is tailored to the needs, wishes and abilities of each child, bringing them out of isolation and infusing their lives with choice, purpose, and self-expression.

  • Whether it’s a craft project, painting on canvas, collage, or simply drawing with a black marker on a sketch pad, we work to make sure each child finds his or her own voice through the artistic process.

  • Children suffer from various disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and other socio-emotional disorders. The programme enhances the lives of persons with disabilities through access to arts education and fosters inclusion.


















Students have achieved the following:


  • Creative therapy can aid in the learning of coping skills and increase their attention span of learning and absorbing new ideas and techniques. 

  • The programme has lead to enhanced self-confidence and self-worth. People with mental disabilities are often reliant on adults. They been found to gain more realistic perspectives on the world and improved self-expression.

  • In general, this type of programme can lead to behavioural and emotional benefits. Children who are resistant to authority are often more willing to follow instructions and put their supplies in their proper place when the incentive of being able to express themselves through art is available to them.

  • Trust and close bonds are achieved with the art therapist as well as with peers.


Inspired and motivated by the impact, Udaan EMS wishes to expand the reach of the programme.  "Art with Heart" - as said by father Benedict from Deepashram with affection, wants to work with children and adults:

  • In the midst of difficult emotional life challenges like illness and hospitalisation. Children and adults suffering from cancer can feel happy and confident.

  • In life conditions where they are displaced from homes. We wish to help children living in orphanages and individuals living in old age homes to feel empowered. 

  • who have mental disabilities including autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and other socio-emotional disorders.

  • who have gone through traumatic experiences in life emotionally and physically. We would love to tie upto with NGO's helping women from various walks of life to realise their worth and place in the society.  

Empower communities of need to emotionally triumph over their circumstances through Art.

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